Scarring Injuries Resulting From Dog Attack in Michigan

The dog bite injury law firm of Buckfire & Buckfire P.C has significant experience in representing victims suffering from scarring injuries as a result of a dog attack in Michigan. Victims of dog bite injuries often seek our top rated attorneys to represent them.  These brutal attacks often result in serious injuries and require medical treatment. Michigan law states, a person injured by an attacking dog does have the legal right to be compensated for the harm and injuries suffered in the dog attack.

One serious result from a dog bite and attack is scarring.  In fact, scarring related to dog bites is one of the most common injuries sustained by victims.  Depending on the size of the dog and the area that is bitten, a bite can involve anything from a puncture wound to ample laceration involving skin and underlying tissue. Deep wounds may require many stitches or surgery to close and repair.


Scarring Injuries From Dog Attack May Require Medical Care

Dog bite wounds that bleed will inevitably result in scars. Some types of skin produce keloid scars, which is when scar tissue grows out of control, frequently producing raised, disfiguring scars. Small scars may fade away. Otherwise, scars may improve over time, but still faintly be visible.  Treatment for scars can include: dermabrasion, pressure scar modification, surgical excision of scar and make-up.Tissue that will scar from a dog bite.

Even with the best medical care, the tissue affected by the dog bite may bear an everlasting reminder of the incident, some scars cannot be erased. Delicate areas, such as around the lips, nose and eye are especially vulnerable to scarring related to dog bites. Because the skin is thinner in these areas, scars are more prominent.

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