Michigan Dog Bite Lawyer With Best Settlements

Finding the Michigan dog bite lawyer with the best settlements is the most important decision you will make about your case.  While many lawyers will offer take your case and promise to win you a great settlement, the fact is that very few attorneys have the experience and expertise to accomplish this goal.  Choosing a lawyer that handles only a few of these cases a year could be a huge mistake and cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Many lawyers try to settle dog bite cases quickly, even though this may not be in the best interest of the client.  These might seem like relatively straightforward cases, but the fact is that there are important keys to winning the best settlement.  Getting a fast settlement rarely ever means getting the best settlement for your case.

Our award winning dog bite lawyers have a top track record of winning substantial dog bite settlements and jury verdicts throughout the State of Michigan.   We develop a customized strategy for every case and understand that every person is impacted differently by their own dog bite or attack.   The best lawyers understand these differences and work to maximize the settlement for each individual case.

Getting the best settlement for your Michigan dog bite injuries depends on several factors. For example, the impact of a scar on the arm of an adult man is different than the impact of the same size scar on the face of a woman or a child.     Factors that go into determining the amount of the settlement can include:

  • The severity and type of your injuries, including lacerations, puncture wounds, nerve damage, and fractured bones.
  • The location of any scar or disfigurement. A scar on the face has a higher settlement value than a scar on a leg.  We hire professional photographers to take pictures of the scars to prove the seriousness of the injury.
  • The permanency of any scar or disfigurement. Although many scars can fade over time, they can still remain visible and cause a person to be self-conscious about their appearance over their lifetime. Many scars cannot be covered up even with make-up and cannot be repaired through plastic surgery.
  • The age and gender of the dog bite victim. Scars on woman and children often have the highest settlement value, especially on the face and arms.
  • The amount psychological trauma from the dog attack.  Many victims suffer PTSD or have significant anxiety around dogs or while in public.  We often hire a psychologist to evaluate our client to determine the psychological damage      caused by the dog bite.
  • The medical care and treatment you received for your injuries.  Many victims require tetanus shots, stitches, wound care, and other treatment. Others need plastic surgery to immediately repair the injuries caused by the dog bite.
  • The amount of medical bills and expenses paid by you and your insurance company resulting from the dog bite.  If  future treatment is needed, especially plastic surgery, we obtain an estimate of those future costs and include it in your settlement demand.
  • Any lost income you suffered due to the dog bite attack. You can be compensated for this wage loss.

Because every single dog bite case is different, it does take an experienced lawyer who is willing to spend the time and money on your case to win you the best settlement.  You only have once chance to get the best settlement, so spend the time to research the lawyer you will choose to handle your case.  Lawyers who handle divorce and criminal matters may offer to represent you, but they may not have the expertise to achieve the best result.

Our Michigan Dog Bite Settlements

Our Michigan lawyers settle over 97% of our dog bite cases before going to court.  We achieve this great success by thoroughly evaluating all aspects of your case and developing a customized settlement strategy for your case.    Unlike other law firms, we do not “discount” our cases to the insurance company just make a quick fee.

Our NO FEE PROMISE guarantees you that you will receive the best possible legal representation for your Michigan dog bite or dog attack case at no cost, unless you receive a recovery in your case.

If we agree to accept your accident case, we will perform all of the legal work and pay all of the file costs and expenses. We only charge legal fees if you receive a settlement in your case and we get paid at the end of the case.

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