Medical Bills After Michigan Dog Bite Attack

Michigan dog bite and attacks often require medical treatment and even surgery.  Common injuries include facial scars, lacerations, puncture wounds and other injuries to the skin that require stitches and medical care.  Dog attacks also cause nerve damage, broken bones, and other serious injuries.  The cost of this medical treatment is significant and many times the dog bite victim does not have insurance to cover this treatment.

When a person bitten by a dog in Michigan incurs medical bills as a result of an attack, a claim can be made against the dog owner for payment of medical expenses.  If  the person attacked has health insurance but is responsible for c0-pays or prescription expenses, a claim can be made for those bills as well,  These are damages and compensation sought in a dog bite claim or lawsuit that are in addition for claims relating to the injuries suffered in from the dog bite.

Many times, the dog owner has home owner’s insurance to pay both the medical bills and a personal injury settlement.  Policies often contain a “med pay” provision which automatically pays a certain dollar amount towards medical bills.  This is usually at least $1,000.00 or more of a benefit.

If you or someone you care about suffered a dog bite injury in Michigan, you should contact our experienced lawyers today to start your claim.  We will get the Animal Control report or police report, your medical records, and start your claim against the owner or keeper of the dog.  We have a great track record of large settlements in Michigan dog bite cases.

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Our NO FEE PROMISE guarantees you that you will receive the best possible legal representation for your Michigan dog bite case at no cost, unless you receive a settlement in your case.   If we accept your case, we will perform all of the legal work and pay all of the file costs and expenses. We only charge legal fees if you receive compensation in your case and we only get paid our fees at the end of the case.  This is a No Fee, No Win agreement.

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