Flat Rock Dog Bite Settlement for Veterinary Assistant

Our Michigan dog attack attorneys recently settled a lawsuit on behalf of a 22 year old young lady who was viciously attacked by a dog while she was working as an assistant in a veterinarian’s office.  The attack occurred in Flat Rock, Michigan.

The attack occurred while our client was assisting the veterinarian in performing an x-ray of the dog that the Defendant dog owner had brought in for an appointment.  After the taking of the x-ray, the dog suddenly snapped at our client without warning and bit a part of her upper lip off, requiring medical treatment.

 Our client suffered significant damage to her upper lip, which required facial reconstructive surgery and follow-up visits to the plastic surgeon to determine if further surgery would be necessary.  The bit also left residual scarring which remains visible even after her surgery.

 If a person is bitten while lawfully on the property or on public property such as in the street or sidewalk, the owner or keeper of the dog can be held liable for the injuries under Michigan law.  In fact, there are several dog bite laws in Michigan that can be used in favor of the victim and hold the dog owner liable.  The main statute, called the Michigan Dog Bite Statute, clearly states that the owner of the dog is liable and can be sued for a victim’s injuries.

 We filed a lawsuit in the Wayne County Circuit Court in Detroit, Michigan on her behalf seeking compensation for her injury against the dog owner for her pain and suffering damages, and for damages related to the residual scarring and disfigurement that the dog bite left on her lip.  Her medical expenses and wage loss are being paid by a workers’ compensation carrier.  Depositions were taken of the parties and medical records were exchanged.  The case proceeded to case evaluation where the case was valued at $125,000.00.  In further negotiation, however, the parties agreed to resolve this matter for $150,000.00.

 If you or a family member is bitten or attacked by a dog, you should contact our Michigan dog bit lawyers as soon as you can at 800-606-1717 after the attack so that we can explain your legal rights to you and begin our investigation of the claim.  We will then represent you under our No Fee Promise which means we do not charge any legal fees or costs until we win your matter.

Dog Bite Lawsuit Filed in Isabella County, Michigan

Our dog bite lawyers recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of an 8 year old girl who was bitten on the face by a dog.  She was visiting the home of family friends when their dog bit her in the face.  She suffered multiple lacerations to her lip and cheek.  The attack was unprovoked.

The girl was immediately taken to the local emergency department for treatment.  She received ten stitches to her face from the emergency room physician.  Despite the stitches, she has permanent scars on her face.  She was later seen by a Lansing plastic surgeon who recommended that she undergo scar revision surgery when she reaches adolescence.  However, he did indicate the surgery would reduce the scars but there would still be noticeable scars on her face.

The lawsuit seeks damages allowed under Michigan law.  This includes compensation for fright and shock, pain and suffering, and scarring and disfigurement.   Because these scars are on a young girl, she will likely be more self-conscious about her appearance in social settings.  She also now has a fear of strange dogs for the first time in her young life.

Our dog bite attorneys have obtained significant settlements for children, both boys and girls, who have been bitten by dogs.  In this case, the owner of the dog had homeowner’s insurance coverage and the claim was submitted to the insurance company.  The girl’s family was reluctant to file a claim against a family friend but decided to proceed when they learned that the insurance company would pay the settlement.  The case is currently pending and no trial date has been set by the court.

If you or a family member suffered injuries in a dog bite attack, you should contact our Michigan dog bite lawyers immediately. We have obtained substantial compensation and settlements for victims of dog bite attacks.   Tell us your story and we will get started on your case today. Call us now at (800) 606-1717 to speak with one of our experienced Michigan dog bite attorneys about your case.

$142,500 Royal Oak Dog Bite Settlement For Child

Our Royal Oak dog bite lawyers recently settled a lawsuit for a 9 year old boy bitten in the face by a neighbor’s dog.  He was at his friend’s house down the street playing with some other neighborhood kids.  The family’s dog, a black Labrador retriever, approached him.  When he went to pet the dog, he was bitten on the face.   Witnesses to the attack did not see the boy do anything to provoke the dog.

The dog bite to the face caused a significant laceration and the boy was taken to the emergency department at  William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.  He was seen by a plastic surgeon who cleaned up the wound and put stitches in his face to close the wound.  Despite the prompt treatment, it has left a significant disfiguring scar just above his lip.   He was seen by another plastic surgeon who recommended a revision once the boy reaches adolescence.  This would minimize the scar but it is expected that an observable scar will exist even after the surgery.

Our attorneys filed the dog bite lawsuit against the dog owner in the Oakland County Circuit Court in Pontiac, Michigan.   The lawsuit sought money compensation for the pain and suffering, scar and disfigurement, medical expenses, and future costs of plastic surgery.   Prior to trial, the homeowner’s insurance company for the dog owner agreed to pay a settlement of $142,500.00 to settle the case.

The child’s parents elected to have the majority of his settlement money placed into a structured settlement insurance policy.  This will provide a college fund and additional money when the boy reaches the age of 18.  There will be some funds available before that age to pay for plastic surgery and other necessary expenses.   The circuit court judge approved the settlement.

If you or your child were bitten by a dog in Royal Oak, put our experienced dog bite lawyers to work for you.  We charge no legal fees until you receive a settlement and we pay all court costs and expenses.

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Roseville Dog Bite Lawsuit Filed in Macomb County Circuit Court

Our Roseville dog bite lawyers recently filed a dog bite lawsuit in the Macomb County Circuit.  The suit seeks compensation for our client who suffered serious injuries to his face from the attack.  The case is against the owner of the dog.

Our client is a 44 year old man who was waiting at a bus stop in Roseville by a McDonald’s restaurant parking lot.   An acquaintance pulled up in his van  to say hello.  When our client approached the van, a pit bull jumped out of the van and bit our client in the face.  He suffered significant lacerations to his face and will have permanent scars and disfigurement.  The incident was investigated by the City of Roseville Animal Control Department.

We filed the dog bite lawsuit in the Macomb County Circuit Court in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.  Compensation is being sought for pain and suffering, scars and disfigurement, psychological damages, medical expenses and lost wages.  The dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance company is responsible for paying the settlement.   No trial date has been set by the court.

Our experienced Michigan dog bite injury lawyers represent victims and their family in lawsuits involving serious scar injuries and disfigurement from a dog attack.  These lawsuits seek compensation for the victim for the injuries suffered, whether it be physical or psychological. We will hire specialized investigators to document the incident, supplementing any evidence you have been able to collect.

Roseville Dog Bite Lawyer No Fee Promise

Our Michigan dog bite lawyers will represent you in your Michigan dog bite injury and attack case under our NO FEE PROMISE. You have absolutely no obligation for legal fees unless we win your case.  If we do not obtain a settlement for you, you owe us nothing!  Want to know the settlement value of your dog bite case?    Tell us your story and we will evaluate your case.

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Get Compensation For Dog Bites & Attacks

You may be entitled to get compensation if you were bitten or attacked by a dog in Michigan.  While there are no set guidelines for determining the compensation or settlement amount, there are several factors that are used to evaluate the amount of money for compensation.    Dog bite settlement amounts are often based upon similar cases and the results achieved by the lawyer for the dog bite victim in other cases.  Insurance companies have their own methods in determining how much compensation to pay the victim.

Some of the factors that determine the compensation for a Michigan dog bite claim include:

  • The facts surrounding the dog bite attack
  • The location where dog bite attack occurred
  • If there was any provocation for the dog attack
  • If the dog owner has insurance coverage for the attack
  • The amount of the insurance policy limits if there was coverage
  • The type and location of the injuries (arms, face, legs)
  • The type of medical treatment needed to date
  • The type of medical treatment needed in the future
  • If the scars and disfigurements are permanent in nature
  • The age and sex of the victim
  • The amount of medical bills related to the dog bite attack
  • The amount of lost wages resulting from the attack

Settlements in dog bite cases are often substantial.  Compensation is paid for pain and suffering, scars and disfigurement, psychological damages, medical expenses and lost wages.  Our lawyers have obtained millions of dollars in settlements for our dog bite clients.

Our No Fee Promise on Michigan Dog Bite Cases

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