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Our Michigan dog bite injury lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. handle cases involving scars and disfigurement injuries from dog bite attacks in Michigan.  Victims of these attacks often suffer disfiguring and painful scars that require plastic surgery.  Dog bite injury scars and disfigurements may be improved but can never be completely removed.  A victim of a dog attack who suffers from scar injuries and disfigurement does have legal rights under Michigan law. The dog owner and the insurance company for the dog owner should be forced to pay the cost of these medical procedures as well as any damages for pain and suffering, including psychological damages.

A scar is a permanent patch of skin that grows over a wound. Dog bite wounds that bleed will inevitably result in scars.  The question is whether they will disfiguring, disabling or painful.  Some types of skin produce keloid scars (i.e., scar tissue grows out of control, frequently producing raised, disfiguring scars).  Small scars may fade away.  Treatment may include, depending on the severity of the scar, dermabrasion, pressure scar modification, surgical excision of scar and make-up.  The type and severity of the scar depends on many factors, some of which are unrelated to the injury and involve our genetic predisposition. The severity of the injury also plays an important role in the severity of the scar.

Special consideration is given to dog bite injuries to head and neck because of cosmetic issues and the complexity of tissue, muscle and bone structures in these area. The central target area for the face includes the lips, nose, and cheeks.  People in certain careers where appearance is critical, such as modeling and acting, can have a promising career cut short due to a dog attack and the scar and disfigurement injuries resulting.

Several factors go into determining the “settlement value” of a scar from a dog bite injury or attack in Michigan.  These depend on the location of the scar, the size of the scar, the permanency of the scar, and the available treatment for the scar.  Scars and disfiguring injuries also serve as a constant reminder to the injured person of the attack that caused the injury.

Our experienced Michigan dog bite injury lawyers represent victims and their family in lawsuits invovling serious scar injuries and disfigurement from a Michigan dog attack.  These lawsuits seek compensation for the victim for the injuries suffered, whether it be physical or psychological. We will hire specialized investigators to document the incident, supplementing any evidence you have been able to collect.

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